We believe in constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to engage the audience through innovation and creation



About us

We are passionate about communicating with all things audiovisual.

That might sound like we have a stick up our rear but it’s the truth. It’s our fancy way of saying “We really like doing this!”. And we really do like doing this! Everything from a 30 seconds global TVC to those small animated banners you try and get rid of with Adblockers. We love what we do and we enjoy every new idea you might have for us, even the crazy ones. Well especially the crazy ones!

We have storytelling at heart and believe that great content always comes first.

Now this is where we shine. Our storytelling is what painting was to Picasso! We really think that if you want to engage your audience you got to make it worth their while. To do that you need a good story, and like we said, stories are our specialty!

We deliver creative excellence in every thing we do, and do so at large scale and volume.

You don’t get far on just creativity alone, you got to be able to put your money where your mouth is! (Finally got to use that metaphor!) We can handle huge content workflows and we’re best in class at asset management! And the UX (meaning you our client and user of Chimney) is always exemplary.

We have the Strategic Knowledge, the hands on Insights and Digital competence to devise and create the best Content possible to meet all your Communication needs.

Might sound like we’re bragging but really, we’ve got you covered! You name it, we’ll create it!

What we do








Who we are

lewis hunt - managing director

Lewis Hunt

Managing Director

Lewis's career has spanned Australia, the Middle East and Europe where he has creatively guided global, national and regional brands. His experience includes diverse sectors including retail, fashion, travel and tourism, hospitality, automotive, and telecommunications where he has found success engaging consumers with results-driven big ideas. His work has been recognised by major international award shows including D&AD Global, Red Dot Design, CreativePool, Galaxy and ADC New York.


Taryn Mueller

Development Director

Taryn loves a good story. She also loves to think that everyday moments could be elevated by a curated live-soundtrack. Cue the orchestra… Her work has been recognised by Cannes Lions, The One Show, CLIOs, London International Awards, & broadcast on Netflix & the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Timo Josten

Managing Director - Singapore

Timo previously co-founded and ran a digital analytics consultancy out of Singapore, active across 9 Asian markets. Prior to founding a digital consultancy, Timo worked at Google for over 5 years managing the Google Analytics Certified Partner Program in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia – working closely with Marketing, Product and Sales teams.

+65 9710 6810


Johan Polhem

Executive Creative Director

Over the past decade, Johan has worked in several major broadcast and post-production companies as a Creative Director and Director, such as Radical Media, the prestigious Resolution design and MTV (Viacom). Johan has a passion for creating excellence across all facets of production ranging from editing and post-production through to creative concepts and storytelling.


Mårten Lindsjö

Creative Director - Australia

Mårten is a thoroughgoing storyteller. A vivid narrator with strong visuals and an unconventional approach to any project that comes his way. His latest reel includes work for some of the most colourful clients in the Nordic market, such as IKEA, Absolut Vodka and Netflix. Along with his commercial work Mårten has written and directed several documentaries and drama shorts for Sweden’s biggest TV stations; SVT and TV4. Mårten will be bringing his unique style and visual flair to the APAC market, in his capacity as the new Creative Director for Chimney Australia.


Rosie Parker


Rosie is a creative producer with an all-encompassing knowledge of advertising, from inception to delivery. Her experience spans 8 years of agency, production & post producing. Passionate about clients and creatives alike, she ensures a smooth turnover of projects and a repeat return of collaborators. Her vices, should you need to rubber arm her, are documentaries, donuts...and dogs.

Creative Director: Chimney Group Sydney - TVC | Content | Production

Alexander Biglands

Development Executive

Alex is our digitally savvy executive assistant/graduate trainee. Having lived and studied across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, He's come back home to his native Australia to assist in the development of Chimney Sydney's next phase of growth. Passionate about film and the opportunities available to brands and marketers in the changing technological landscape, Alex brings a unique perspective and problem-solving approach to client challenges.


Buster Friberg

Junior Creative

Buster’s career may not span as long as the rest but his passion for storytelling and film is second to none. Studying Tv-production and having run his own production company he’s gathered a great variety of skills in every aspect of production. Buster believes that there is a story to be told about everything, you just have to find the creativity to tell it!


Junior Creative: Chimney Group Sydney - TVC | Content | Production
Miles Lembke

Miles Lembke

Editor/Creative Assistant

The newest creative to join our Sydney team is Miles, a young and driven creative with a growing range of experience across various narrative driven formats, such as short films and music videos, as well as commercial work. Having worked with a number of production companies in his native Stockholm as an editor, DP and colorist, Miles brings a colourful energy and fresh perspective to our films and clients.


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